Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust South Wiltshire Rural Governors Update

The Trust’s workings during the last few weeks

We have been reminded that just over a year ago our hospital was treating its first wave of COVID-19 patients.  And that whilst there were ‘serious incident and pandemic plans’ in place; no one could have foreseen what would happen in the world during the past year!

The levels of individual suffering, ghost town streets, ruined businesses, families unable to be together, loved ones separated by glass windows in care homes, children denied the companionship of school and people unable to hold a dying relative’s hand.  And in our hospital we have seen staff from across the organisation putting in unbelievable voluntary efforts within our community – while also struggling with their own personal lives.

The way ahead

Things are now significantly improving week by week, with the number of people needing hospital care for COVID-19 and related sickness levels gradually falling.

Our operational and clinical teams are now busy planning the return of services that were un able to deliver over the last year.  However, it will still be quite some time before we get ‘back to normal’ because the hospital continues to be under intense pressure as the pandemic continues.  So please continue to remember:


You know it saves lives!

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust Forthcoming Public Governor Elections

Since the Trust was authorised on 1 June 2006 the elected governors from our public constituencies have been working with the appointed governors and Trust Staff on many important areas of interest.  There are now a number of public governors nearing the end of their terms, or not seeking re-election, and preparations are in hand for elections and new appointments to be made on 1 June 2021.

Further information about the Trust, it’s workings and your elected governors may be obtained via:

The Membership Manager
Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

Chief Executive Dept.
Salisbury District Hospital
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Phone: 01722 336262 ext.5479