Collecting your medication from Netheravon Shop

Since 2011, Avon Valley Practice and Netheravon Shop have been working together to enable patients living in and around Netheravon to collect their medication nearby in the village.

This service has been very popular and is now exceeding the shop’s capacity to store medication. We therefore need to revise the service to enable you to continue collecting your medication.

From Monday 2nd July 2018 the following arrangements will apply:

Avon Valley Practice will deliver medication to Netheravon Shop on Tuesdays and Fridays. At these times, uncollected medication will be returned to Upavon Surgery for you to collect from there. This means repeat medication requests will also be collected on Tuesdays and Fridays only.

You will continue to receive a text message (SMS) to confirm that your medication is ready to be sent to the shop. The date of delivery will also be confirmed. Please collect your medication before the next delivery date to ensure your items are not returned to Upavon Surgery. For example:


Medication requested                                                         Tuesday 5th June

Medication prepared                                                           Thursday 7th June

Medication delivered to shop                                             Friday 8th June

Medication returned to Upavon Surgery                         Tuesday 12th June

Using this example, you need to collect your medication from Netheravon Shop between Friday 8th June and Monday 11th June, inclusive.

If you do not collect your medication in time, we will send you an SMS on the day your items are returned to Upavon Surgery, reminding you to collect them from the Practice, instead of Netheravon Shop. We do not have the capacity to telephone you.

To ensure this service works smoothly, and to obtain confirmation of your medication deliveries and collection points, we ask that you sign up for our text messaging service. A consent form has been enclosed with this letter for your use. Please sign and return this to us by 29th June 2018.

We would like to thank everyone at Netheravon Shop for providing this collection point as a valuable, extra service for local residents.

These new arrangements enable us to offer patients living in and around Netheravon area the opportunity to continue collecting medication closer to home.

If you have any issues regarding your medication, please contact the Practice. Please do not discuss your queries with shop personnel as they do not work for Avon Valley Practice and are not qualified, experienced or knowledgeable in the provision of your medication.

Should you have any questions about these new arrangements, please ask to speak with our Patient Engagement Officer, Kim Breaker, at Avon Valley Practice. She is here to offer further support and advice regarding your concerns.

We appreciate these arrangements may take a little time to get used to and would like to thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.