Nursing Team

Nurse Practitioners

Our doctors are supported by three Nurse Practitioners, Cathy, Lynne and Alison. Cathy’s main role specialises in seeing patients with long term conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and COPD whilst Lynne sees patients needing same day care. Alison is undergoing training to independently care for patients needing on the day medical attention.

You’ll see all our Nurse Practitioners at the walk in clinics.

Nursing Team

There is a nurse available every day to help you with problems not requiring a doctor. Services include:

  • Long term conditions such as asthma, COPD, diabetes, dementia
  • Measurements and screening such as cytology, blood tests, BP
  • Advice such as travel, diet, smoke stop,
  • Wound management
  • Child immunisations

Our team consists of three Practice Nurses (Susie, Amanda and Caroline), a Clinical Assistant Practitioner (Sandra Coslett) and three Health Care Assistants (Louise, Lauren and Jess).