We’re holding an Easter Raffle

Tickets available from Reception NOW

One of our patients, Trish, is organising an Easter raffle on our behalf to help raise funds for Pharmaself, the machine that would enable you to collect your medication 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Because this is a project that will benefit our community, Trish has been busy contacting local businesses to ask if they would be willing to donate a prize. Their generous pledges and donations include:

  • Wash, cut & blow dry – Finishing Touches
  • Breakfast on the house for 2 – Metro Cafe
  • Beautiful plant – Karen’s Flowers
  • Your car MOT’d for FREE – Rangers
  • A bottle of wine to celebrate your win – McColl’s
  • Hair care products to look your best – Blades
  • Car MOT – Rangers Garage
  • Family Kebab Voucher – The Kebab Shop
  • Wash,Cut and Blow Dry – Mirror Image
  • Wash,Cut and Blow Dry – Finishing Touches
  • Hairdressing products gift bag – Blades
  • 6 Easter eggs – Tesco
  • 1 bottle of wine – Nisa Local
  • 1 bottle of Prosecco – Sainsburys
  • 1 house plant – Karin’s Florist
  • Breakfast for 2 – Metro Café
  • 1 bottle of Prosecco & Easter egg – Palmer papers
  • Gift voucher £20 – Bits & Pieces
  • Gift voucher – Rosie’s Barber
  • Gift voucher £10 – Menz room barbers
  • 1 Royale bouquet toiletry set – Donated by Nina
  • 1 Porcelain mug with toiletries – Donated by Trish
  • Tea,Coffee & Sugar Jars – Donated by Annabel
  • 1 bottle of prosecco – The Plough
  • Cuddly Toy – Donated by Trish
  • Cuddly Toy – Donated by Annabel
  • Carvery Meal for two – Stonehedge Inn
  • Gift Voucher £10 – The Little Green Village Shop
  • Photography voucher £75 – Rob Perry Photography

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone at the businesses above and we’ll keep you updated about prizes as we go along. So now it’s over to you and an urgent request for your support to make our raffle a success.

We’ve got some great prizes (with more to come) so can we interest you in buying a ticket?

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased via reception at either Durrington or Upavon surgeries – £1.00 for a strip of 5 tickets.

The raffle will be drawn on Thursday 9th April 2020 so we don’t have much time. It’s all for a good cause so for your chance to snag a winning ticket, please join us in this fund-raising initiative today.

Imagine a world where…You could collect your medication 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with no queuing!

Imagine not having to queue for your medication and collecting it whenever suits you best. That’s what we’re proposing with a plan which helps make accessing local health care as easy and convenient as possible. Here’s how:

  • We would like to install 2 automatic dispensing robots (known as Pharmaself24) within the external walls of both surgeries so that you do not have to enter the buildings to collect your medication.
  • This technology works in a similar way to cash dispensing machines and is a safe and secure way to collect your medication any time of day (or night).

So far, your donations have helped us purchase additional medical equipment such as state of the art defibrillators, paediatric pulse oximeters and spirometers. We are now looking to assign donations towards purchasing Pharmself24.

  • Robots (called Pharmaself24) cost £60,000 each and can dispense medication to dispensing and non-dispensing patients alike.
  • Clearly this is a major investment and it’s because we cannot cover this cost without jeopardising the provision of day to day care that we’re asking for your help.
  • Please can you work with us as a community to achieve this goal?

To get us started we’ve already had a generous donation of £10,000 from a patient in Durrington and would like to put this towards the project. It’s for this reason we suggest locating the first machine there, followed by a second machine in Upavon.

Every penny counts

Donations, large and small, soon add up. Of course, we realise that not everyone would wish, or is able to donate and that’s ok. Likewise, we are not suggesting you donate anything you can’t reasonably afford but, where possible, by sharing the cost between us it’s surprising how easy it could be to reach our goal. Simply by using 7,000 practice members for the purpose of illustration, gives us:

  • 50p donated per patient would raise £3,500
  • £1 donated per patient would raise £7,000
  • £2 donated per patient would raise £14,000
  • £2.50 donated per patient would raise £17,500
  • £5.00 donated per patient would raise £35,000
  • £10.00 donated per patient would raise £70,000

To donate:


Overall, it’s about keeping services local, in the heart of our communities where they belong.

To find out more about this project:

2nd September 2019: Upavon Surgery 17:30 to 19:00
9th September 2019: Durrington Surgery 18:30 to 20:00

In anticipation, thank you for your support.