Children’s Flu Vaccination

Your child’s annual flu vaccination is now due.

This year’s flu vaccination programme is more important than ever due to Coronavirus. However, due social distancing and the need to ensure we’re COVID-19 secure, we will be running out clinics slightly differently as we’ll explain a little later on.

Importantly, children aged 2 or 3 year old as at 31st August 2020 are eligible for the flu vaccine this year and we definitely recommend it!

The vaccination is free and will be given by a quick and simple spray up the nose. As long as there isn’t anyone in the household who is immuno-compromised, e.g. having chemotherapy, the flu vaccine can be given in this way.

So, if you would like your child to have the flu vaccine and you’re happy for the vaccine to be given as a nasal spray, please book an appointment into one of our special clinics at Durrington Surgery on:

  • Tuesday 29th September from 14;00 to 18;00
  • Wednesday 30th September from 14;00 to 18;00
  • Thursday 1st October from 14;00 to 18;00

You can book online using the NHS App or your SystmOne Online account from 11th September 2020 or by phone from 14th September!

If there’s anyone in your household who is immune-compromised, please contact us to arrange an alternative vaccine.

We look forward to seeing you and your child at one of our clinics.

Important Information

Please read to ensure you keep your child, yourself and others safe! Come prepared!

  • Please bring a face covering with you. You will be asked to wear it whilst in the Surgery. However your child doesn’t need to wear one!
  • Ensure you arrive promptly for your appointment – not too early and definitely not late, you’ll be turned away. Ideally, please walk or get the bus to Durrington Surgery. However if you’re driving, one of us will be in the car park advising where to park. Please follow their instruction.
  • Please ensure you only bring your child to the appointment. Only children being vaccinated and one parent or carer will be allowed into the practice. If there are more of you, expect to be refused entry.
  • Only come if you feel well! Your child and their parent/carer will be screened for Coronavirus by being asked the latest vetting questions and having temperatures checked. Anyone responding positively will be asked to go home and re-book the appointment.
  • Up to 8 patients (4 children and 4 parents/carers) will be in the waiting room standing in an allocated zone to uphold social distancing at 2 metres. You will be asked to watch an information video about influenza and the vaccination. Please ensure you watch it.
  • Once you’ve watched the video, the children, with their parent or carer, will be steered to an allocated consulting room for the vaccination.
  • Your child will be asked to sit on a chair just inside the consulting room. Be assured, the chair will be wiped clean between patients. If you have any questions about influenza or the vaccine, please ask the clinician at this point.
  • The vaccine will be given as a nasal spray. This is pain free. Usually, it only needs to be given once, but for children with certain medical conditions, it may need to be repeated a few weeks later. The clinician will explain this to you if needed during the consultation.
  • You will be asked to leave through the exit at the rear of the surgery, following the path to the carpark. If you have driven, you’ll be asked to leave promptly. Please do not leave the car to visit the pharmacy or local shop etc. as patients attending later appointments may need to use the carpark.